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Terms & Conditions

By using this website and/or ordering services from Premium Clean via phone, email, text, or online you agree to the terms of service listed below. 



If you’re not satisfied after a clean, we will return within 24 hours to finish the job. 

Cleaning Crew

Our cleaning teams are thoroughly trained to learn all aspects of Premium Cleans high standards, ensuring the best cleaning experience for our customers. Every worker is covered under our general liability insurance policy. We work in teams of two or three, however more complex jobs may require the use of a larger cleaning team. In some cases a cleaner of 1 can be requested and will be reviewed by the management team. Rest assured all our staff are rigorously background screened so you can relax knowing your home is in excellent care. 

Cleaning Day Preparation

We ask that the house be tidied to allow for our cleaners to do their best work. If you would like to have our cleaners tidy please contact us and we can arrange for that to happen at an agreed upon cost. 


Add On Services

Our additional add on services are listed on our booking form and are available at an additional cost. If you have purchased our oven clean add on please ensure you contact our team if you have a self-cleaning oven. It may be deemed appropriate to run the self-clean mode the day before your scheduled clean to ensure the best results. If you have purchased the inside cabinet clean, please be sure to have your cabinets emptied prior to the cleaners arriving or contact us to arrange for the cleaners to empty the cabinets at an agreed upon cost.  

Refusal of Service

Premium Clean reserves the right to refuse or terminate service for the following situations: safety concerns, unreasonable cleaning expectations, overly filthy premises, inappropriate behaviour, disconnected utilities. Our cleaners may choose to leave the premises under any of the above-mentioned conditions and a full cancellation fee will be assessed. 


Standard Clean Limitations if Booked Without Deep Clean

We recommend our clients first book a Deep Clean if they have not had a professional cleaning in the last month. This is to ensure we are able to get the house up to our standards and sets up our cleaning systems well for recurring (standard) cleans. Clients are still welcome to book an initial standard clean without having had a Deep Clean within the last month, however the clean will be time capped.


Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

We require 24 hours notice to reschedule and or cancel a cleaning. Rescheduling within the 24 hour window will result in a $50 late rescheduling fee. Cancellations within the 24 hour window will result in the full cleaning fee being assessed. If it is noted on our booking form that cancellations/modifications are free, then all cancellation fees will be waived. 



We love pets. If your pet doesn’t love strangers, please take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our cleaners. 



Established rates for recurring cleans can be increased at any time if it is deemed necessary due to a change in the client's cleaning situation.



Credit card payments will be processed post-clean. Alternative payment methods can be requested and will be reviewed on a case by case basis by management.



While tipping is not required, if you choose to tip your cleaners rest assured 100% of the money will be split by the two cleaners that day. Any money paid above the total will be assumed to be a tip and will go directly to the cleaners. 



In an effort to be environmentally friendly all receipts will be emailed. 



If there is no available free parking within one block of your premises, the client will be responsible for arranging parking for the cleaners. The parking must be within a block of the premises and if it requires payment, the client will be responsible for the payment.


Alarm systems/Keys

If you will not be home during your clean please communicate how you would like your cleaners to enter your premises. House keys or door codes can be given to your cleaners if you wish. Please know any codes given will not be shared with anyone. To protect all involved, keys will only be returned with a valid picture ID from the client. Keys will be returned within 48 hours of a cancelled account.


Non-solicitation of Premium Clean employees

We request that our clients do not solicit the work of our workers to clean privately for them. We have significant resources invested in our workers and rely on them to provide an outstanding experience for our customers. 


Lock out fee

If our cleaners are delayed by 15 minutes or more in accessing the premises on your cleaning day, you will be charged a $50 lockout fee. If they are still unable to access the premises, you can choose to reschedule the cleaning and be charged a late rescheduling fee, or cancel and be charged a cancellation fee.  


Arrival Window

We will provide an arrival window for our cleaners. If you wish to be present for the clean you must be home to let the cleaners in during the arrival window, or you must have made prior arrangements for access to the premises. If our cleaners happen to be running late they will contact you ASAP to inform you of the updated arrival window. 



Premium Clean does not clean on statutory holidays. If your recurring cleans falls on a statutory holiday, you will be contacted to reschedule the clean.



Any valuables that are deemed irreplaceable or that have strong sentimental value are encouraged to be put away during our clean. Our cleaners are all insured however we realize that some items are very important to our clients and we would rather not have to clean around those items. 

Inclement weather

We will be closed for business if the majority of school districts in the lower mainland have closed due to weather. 


Damaged items

It is extremely rare for anything to get damaged during a clean, however it is possible. Any possible damage must be reported within 24 hours of the clean so our team can properly investigate the problem. Premium Clean is not responsible for any damage resulting from improperly secured or improperly installed items. If any damage is caused by our cleaners the clients will be notified immediately. 


Limitations of work

Our cleaner’s safety is a priority to us. They are not permitted to clean high areas that are above the reach of our extension duster. They are not permitted to move or lift any items that weigh 20 lbs or more. Our cleaners will not move any large appliances (fridge, stove, dishwasher, laundry machines). If you choose to move an appliance for the cleaners, they will happily clean the area if it is included in your purchased clean. 


Things we don’t do

Clean blood or bodily fluid

Empty diaper bins

Clean chandeliers

Wash window above 10 feet

Clean anything outside

Remove rust or paint

Wash walls

Remove stains

Clean animal waste



Premium Clean will not share any private information of a client with any outside source.

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