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8 Questions to ask your Residential Cleaning Company

Residential cleaners can really vary in the service they provide. Sure, most will come in and clean to some extent, but what are some of the less obvious things you might want to know? Is there a chance your cleaning person is opening you up to a tremendous amount of risk? You bet.

Below are some of the basic questions you should be asking before agreeing to hire any cleaner.

1. Do you carry insurance?

Professional cleaning companies should carry general liability insurance if they are entering your home. Accidents happen, floors get scratched, sprinklers get bumped. So ensuring your cleaning agency is fully insured is a no brainer in terms of what to ask first. Uninsured cleaners will charge less, however they are often times uninsured, leaving you on the hook for any and all damages incurred should an accident happen.

2. Are your cleaners employees or contractors?

Contractors are workers who are sold a cleaning job by a company who acquired the cleaning contract. They cannot be trained, given uniforms, or told how exactly how to do the job by the cleaning company. They are independent cleaners and not tied to anyone or anything.

Employees, on the other hand, can be trained by a company, given uniforms, and are associated with the cleaning company. They will be able to learn the systems and processes taught to them by the company, providing a more consistent result. Employees often have a more stable cleaning schedule, allowing the company to send the same faces to recurring cleans. This can help develop familiarity between client and cleaner, building trust and providing tons of value for both the employee and client.

3. How will I know you are here? Do you have uniforms or are your vehicles identifiable?

It can sometimes be hard to know who you hired if they provide no identification. Finding cleaners on places like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace often times puts a great deal of trust in a stranger who will be entering your family’s home. Most professional cleaning companies will have employees driving cars that are easily identifiable, often wearing a uniform with a nametag as well. This can help increase the comfort level of the client knowing the person you hired is in fact being vouched for by a company.

4. What about WorksafeBC insurance

If a cleaner were to fall in your home, there’s a chance you could be liable if they do not carry WorksafeBC insurance. Ensuring your cleaners are fully ensured by WorksafeBC is a smart way to protect yourself from a potential hefty bill.

5. How have you been trained?

Inquiring about how cleaners have been trained will allow you to see if they really know what they are talking about. There are tons of different chemicals in the cleaning business, and some can be quite damaging to certain types of finishes. Professional cleaners should know which chemicals are safe for a variety of finishes, and which cleaning techniques will bring the best out in your home. Well researched and developed training programs for employees will almost always set your home up to shine it’s absolute brightest.

6. Have the cleaners been background checked?

Anyone can post an ad saying they are a cleaner for hire. But do you really want just anyone in your home? Make sure you ask your cleaning professionals how they go about background checking their cleaners. Knowing you’ve invited good people into your home to help make it shine will provide piece of mind and comfort.

7. What if they do a bad job? What are my options?

There’s no guarantee you’ll be happy with the work your cleaners do. It’s always a good idea to bring this up beforehand to see if the cleaning company has any satisfaction guarantees. Being left high and dry by cleaners who did a bad job and then won’t answer your calls or emails can be a sinking feeling, so definitely inquire about your options before agreeing to any jobs.

8. What about equipment? Do you bring your own vacuum?

Often times cleaners will rely on your vacuum system to clean as they will not own their own. This is a really great thing to know beforehand, because if your vacuum underperforms, or you don’t have one, that could be a major issue. Knowing exactly what tools and equipment the cleaning company has available is an awesome thing to be aware of. Typically, the higher the quality of equipment a company uses, the higher the quality clean they will be able to deliver.


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