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How to Deep Clean your Bathroom

Bathrooms are an essential part of your home, but they can become the dirtiest part pretty quick. It’s important to stay on top of your cleaning routine everywhere, but especially in the bathroom. If you haven’t gotten to your bathrooms with your cleaning routine in a while, fear not - we have just the process to have it shining again!

Step 1

Start by taking everything out of your bathroom. Decluttering the area will set you up for success and give you a workable environment. Allso, it gives you an opportunity to decide if the items you have out are really necessary. Take this as an opportunity to put some of that unnecessary stuff away in a more appropriate place. This will make the finished product that much more satisfying! You are on your way to Deep Cleaned bathroom!

Step 2

What cleaning agent will we be using?

Let’s keep it simple. We’ll need the following: a simple all purpose cleaner, ammonia based window cleaner, disinfectant, and a hard water cleaner. The cleaning brand Zep offers great solutions for the all purpose, window, and disinfectant solutions. For hard water, a mixture of vinegar with a dab of dish soap will work wonders on years of grime. Add in some paper towel, microfiber cloths, and a mop and you’ll be all set for your Deep Clean.

Step 3

If you have any surfaces that require dwell time from your cleaning agent, apply it now. Often times this will be in a stand up shower with glass side panels. Hard water often times requires the cleaning agent to sit and eat away at the buildup for 10 or more minutes. Create a mixture of vinegar and dish soap and apply it to the hard water with a blue scrub pad. Rinse and repeat until the hard water is gone.

Step 4

Spray the vanity area with all purpose cleaner and wipe clean. Next spray any mirror or glass that can be cleaned with glass cleaner and does not require hard water remover. Wipe clean with paper towel, making sure to buff it dry with a dry paper towel to ensure a streak free finish.

Also, spray the glass cleaner on any stainless steel faucets to leave them shining. Next, spray the all purpose cleaner on all surfaces of the toilet and wipe clean with paper towel. If you use a toilet bowl cleaner and brush, apply that now. Finally, spray the disinfectant on the toilet and let it sit for 10 minutes before wiping clean. Feel free to move onto the tub while waiting for the disinfectant do it’s thing.

Step 5

If your bathroom has a tub, now is the time to clean it. You can use the all purpose cleaner and scrub with a blue scrubby, or you can use a proudct called barkeepers friend for a little bit more of a deep clean. Ensure this product is scrubbed in with a non scratch blue scrubby and rinsed completely off the surface as it can leave streaks if not completely rinsed.

Step 6

Time to head back to the stand up shower and finish cleaning that hard water. Scrub it once more with some vinegar and dish soap, finishing with a rinse. Apply glass cleaner and buff dry once the rest of the shower has been cleaned with all purpose.

Step 7

Finally, the floors. On smaller bathrooms it is perfectly fine to quickly sweep or vacuum the floors and finish with an all purpose wipe. Alternately, you may choose to do a full mop. Sometimes a simple solution of hot water and a couple drops of dish soaps can bring your bathroom floors back to life

That’s it, your bathroom has now been Deep Cleaned!

Time to relax knowing your dirtiest room is now your cleanest.


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