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Streak Free Window Cleaning Tips, from your trusted Surrey and Langley Residential House Cleaners

Let’s be honest, smudged windows are the worst. Our Surrey and Langley residential house cleaners have seen it over and over again - a homeowner who keeps scrubbing without any results. We have some tips that we think you’ll find useful in getting the perfect streak free window finish.

  1. Ensure your workspace is accessible - Giving yourself enough space to work is something our Surrey and Langley residential house cleaners always start with when cleaning your windows. Often times accessibility is a major factor in being able to get to all the tough spots on your windows, so set yourself up well for a job well done.

  2. Clean all outer edges first, including frames - The first place to clean is everything BUT the window glass. That’s right - our Surrey/Langley residential house cleaners save your window glass for last, ensuring a perfect finish. Spray an all purpose cleaner on the outer edges of the window, including the frame and sill, to ensure they will shine when the job is done.

  3. Use the appropriate cleaner - Products like windex are great for an easy window, however often windows will require a solvent like rubbing alcohol to remove any stickiness that might have built up on the surface. Making sure the window is clear of such spots is key to achieving the result you want.

  4. Treat your window with care - Don’t use sandpaper or glass scrapers on your windows! These can easily damage the glass which will be near impossible to fix without replacing the window. Our Surrey/Langley residential house cleaners only use safe cleaning techniques to ensure your window remains unharmed.

  5. Wipe with a dry microfiber cloth - Now that your window is set up for success, spray on some window cleaner and wipe it off completely with a dry microfiber cloth. The key is to ensure the cloth is dry, often times it is the wet cloths that will leave those ugly streaks behind.

Our Surrey/Langley residential house cleaners take pride in leaving you with streak free windows each and every visit!


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